Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to apply emu oil techniques on the skin?

One of the best ways to apply emu oil is put a small amount on the index finger similar to a moisturiser. Don't worry good oil such as from emu store is not very runny so it will sit okay. If for some reason it does become a little runny it usually means it has been a warm day. Put in fridge for a couple of hours to keep thicker like a moisturiser.

Okay so a small amount then rub gently into the desired area and let it sink into the skin... There you go applied well. Only a small amount needed.

Testimony comments about Emu Oil

I thought i would add this page about testimonies where people can comment below on what they think of emu oil and their experiences with the oil. You all know what i think of the amazing oil, let me know what you think...

What do you think of emu oil...?

Some Emu Oil Benefits!

Here is a list of some of the many benefits of Emu Oil for the body (some of which reduce not get rid of) -
  • Arthritis
  • Acne
  • Hair Loss
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Skin Rashes
  • Eczema
  • Pimples
  • Pain Relief
  • Burns
  • And many more (for more benefits of emu oil)
It's amazing to see how many of the properties this non chemical oil can help with. It really is a miracle oil.... The main list is like nearly 100 but here is some of the main ones most people would relate to...

Omega Omega Omega and more Omega Benefits!

Well like i said in the title emu oil is hugely packed with an essential element, many omega vitamins.

What are omega vitamins you might ask....?

These are vitamins which are essential building blocks for interanla nd external health. Food such as fruit contain these vitamins and some other good news is that emu oil is packed with this as well... which means awesome news for skin and body....

One of the best online providers of Emu Oil - Emu Store

The emu essence range is one of the best providers of online emu oil out there. There price and quality is outstanding compared to other emu oil competition out there. I started working with them about 4 years ago and am really impressed by there products and range.

To view there large range of emu oil and emu oil skin care click here.

One of the best aspects is they provide edible grade as well which allows you to take emu oil internally for its omega benefits. I know this might sound or think it might taste a bit weird but it really does wonders and tastes fine....

If you dont want to drink it you can also purchase capsules which are are just as good, but in tablet

Arthritis helper with a Difference - Emu Oil

Well emu oil is no just great for wrinkles, one of the many other benefits is its Arthritis properties. This is mainly because it is a natural Anti - inflammatory and the oil naturallly penetrates deaply. Another good tick for the wonders of emu oil.

The biggest benefit i believe is that it is a natural no chemical product though that helps reduce arthritis rather than the high chemical products that are everywhere these days...

My dad Rob Weller especially had issues with his knees as he got older from too much labour work. Emu oil made his knee feel alot better and after three days of use was surprised at how little pain he felt from his knee... he said that it helped more than anything else he used.

Emu Oil Blog - A Blog about Emu Oil

While there are many websites out there providing quality emu oil, i thought i would create a small blog here on Blogspot to discuss it with other bloggers out there. If you have not heard of emu oil or are unfamiliar with the oil it is a powerful healer of many ailments, including wrinkles, arthritis to name a couple.

Basically the main aspect of the blog is discuss the oil as much as possible with you and how many people have found the oil to be. Peoples experiences and testimonies and basically there experience.

Emu Oil Discussion Blog so to speak....